Mobile Signal Enhancement

Given how reliant the world has become on mobile phones, staying connected is pretty much non-negotiable. 

At Telephone Technology, we understand this all too well, and that’s why we offer Mobile Signal Enhancement services that empower you to stay connected, no matter where you are.

The Challenge of Weak Signals

Poor, patchy, or non-existent mobile signals have become a major headache for businesses. As data speeds have increased tenfold with 5G technology, there’s a trade-off – 5G signals do not travel as far or penetrate buildings as effectively as the older 2G networks. 

In a world where remote work and virtual meetings are the norm, a reliable mobile signal and mobile signal booster for office  is more important than ever.

A mobile signal booster for office is the solution to ensure that your team stays connected, regardless of their location.


Our Solution: Cel-Fi by Nextivity

At Telephone Technology, we have the solution to this growing challenge – Cel-Fi by Nextivity. This is not just any solution; it’s the only OFCOM approved solution in the UK. Cel-Fi products are not only licence-exempt but also fully compliant with OFCOM regulations (OFCOM SI 2018/399), making them a recognised network solution. 

Why Invest in a Mobile Signal Booster for Your Office?  Investing in a Mobile Signal Booster for Office offers enhanced productivity through uninterrupted voice calls, clear video conferencing, and fast data speeds. This boosts overall office efficiency and communication quality.

Choosing the Right Solution is Key

Seamless Connectivity with a Mobile Signal Booster for Office

We understand that every situation is unique, and that’s why we offer a range of Cel-Fi products to cater to your specific needs:

Quatra 4000e Data sheet

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Cel-Fi by Nextivity is the only OFCOM approved solution in the UK.

Cel-Fi products are license exempt and comply with OFCOM regulations (OFCOM SI 2018/399) and are a recognised network solution

Choosing the right solution is key ….


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Cel-fi G4a

Cel-Fi G41™

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