Hosted Telephony

Ready for a better phone system for your business? Improve your corporate communication by implementing cutting-edge hosted telephony solutions. It’s time to ditch the cumbersome hardware of yesteryear and embrace the seamless power of the cloud.

Telephone Technology brings you the future of telephony with Hosted Telephony, powered by NEC Univerge Blue, a simple yet superb solution designed to transform the way you connect and communicate.

What is Hosted Telephony with NEC Univerge Blue?

Hosted Telephony, backed by NEC Univerge Blue, is not just a telephone system; it’s a complete communication transformation. We handle the infrastructure and system management for you, securely hosting your services in our partner’s state-of-the-art data center. Accessible over the internet using VoIP connections, our Hosted Telephony, driven by NEC Univerge Blue, offers unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and advanced features.

Key Advantages of Hosted Telephony:


Stay Connected, Anywhere, Anytime

With UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, communication knows no boundaries. Our Hosted Telephony solution integrates seamlessly into this cloud-based communications platform, offering a unified experience that includes chat, text messaging, video calls, screen sharing, and secure file sharing. Mobile devices seamlessly become part of the CONNECT phone system, allowing your workforce to stay productive on the go.

Effortless Collaboration: Bring Your Teams Together

Collaboration has never been this simple. With one-click video meetings, your team can connect from across the globe instantly. Start video meetings directly from messaging threads, share your screen for interactive discussions, and manage conversation flow with in-meeting chat. From brainstorming to project delivery, everything happens in one unified place.

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Efficient File Sharing, Enhanced Security: Boost Productivity

Effective collaboration requires efficient file sharing and robust security. Through hosted telephony by NEC Univerge Blue ensures that your team can access files and backup documents swiftly from any device, promoting seamless teamwork regardless of location.

  • Save, synchronize, and share the latest document versions with ease.
  • Protect documents and revisions with real-time backup.
  • Safeguard your files and organisation with advanced antivirus protection.


Hosted Telephony, powered by NEC Univerge Blue and provided by us here at Telephone Technology, is a cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich telephone system that delivers communication over the internet. It truly transforms the way you communicate.

Join the future of telephony with Telephone Technology’s Hosted Telephony solutions. Experience the power of effortless communication, scalability, and advanced features, all without the burden of managing complex infrastructure. Contact us today to embrace the future of business communication.