Angels Care Management

Client Profile

Angels Care Management is a domiciliary care agency dedicated to providing independent services to clients in their own homes. Their mission is to ensure clients receive essential daily assistance, maintain hygiene, safety, and communication with families, ensuring peace of mind for all involved.


The Challenge

Before partnering with Telephone Technology, Angels Care Management faced limitations with their outdated phone system.

“Before Telephone Technology, we had a bog-standard system,” says Linda Tizard, Assistant Manager at Angels Care Management. “A very miniscule system that made it difficult to verify who did what,” 

With a basic setup, communication between carers and managers was minimal, lacking essential features like call recording and efficient call routing. Moreover, the system was unable to support the growing demands of the agency.

“They could come in and do all their jobs without disrupting our day to day operations.”

Solution Implemented

Upon adopting Telephone Technology’s advanced phone system, Angels Care Management witnessed a transformative shift in their operations.

“We ended up with four lines, which made it easier for clients to get to us… and a better system completely. Before we couldn’t access our emails at home, but we can now.”

The new system provided enhanced functionality, including call recording and improved call routing, allowing seamless communication between staff and management.

Transition and Training

The transition to the new system was seamless, with comprehensive support from the Telephone Technology team. 

“They could come in and do all their jobs without disrupting our day to day operations.”

On-site training was provided, ensuring all staff could navigate the new system effortlessly. Despite initial adjustments, Angels Care Management quickly adapted to the user-friendly interface.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Angels Care Management have recognised Telephone Technology’s exceptional customer service.

“Justin supports everything… If we have any technical problems, we get a reply straight away.” 

Whether addressing technical issues or providing guidance, the team’s responsiveness and personalised support left a lasting impression. 

Benefits Realised


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