How to Get Better Phone Signal in Offices

If you’re experiencing dropped calls or weak reception in your office, there are solutions available how to get better phone signal in your office’s cellular reception. A strong phone signal is vital for a well-functioning office. Moreover, it keeps employees connected, allowing them to make and receive calls, access information, and respond to clients promptly. This translates into increased productivity, improved customer service, and a smoother overall workflow.

5 Common Reasons for Poor Phone Signal in Offices

Frustrated with dropped calls and slow data in your office? Several factors can weaken or block cellular reception, hindering productivity and communication. Here are 5 common reasons why your office phone signal might be suffering, and some tips on how to get better phone signal in Offices:

  1. Building Materials: Brick, concrete, metal, and even some modern, energy-efficient materials like metal-backed insulation and certain types of glass can significantly weaken or block cellular signals. These materials are commonly used in UK office construction, hindering the signal from reaching your phone.
  2. Distance from Cell Towers: The further your office is from a cell tower, the weaker the signal you’ll receive. This can be a particular issue in rural areas or for offices located in the centre of tall buildings that block the line of sight to nearby towers.
  3. Network Congestion: With so many people relying on mobile data in the UK, cell towers can become overloaded, especially during peak usage times. This congestion can lead to dropped calls and slow data speeds within your office.
  4. Internal Signal Disruption: Certain office equipment, particularly microwave ovens and some wireless devices, can interfere with cellular signals. These can further weaken the already challenged signal within your office.
  5. Subterranean Spaces: Basements, underground car parks, and other areas below ground level will naturally have weaker signal strength due to the earth itself acting as a barrier to cellular signals.

10 Tips on How to Get Better Phone Signal in Your Office

Dropped calls and frustratingly slow data speeds can disrupt your workday. Further, here are 10 simple and advanced solutions to improve phone signal strength in your UK office and keep your team connected.

Simple Solutions:

  1. Check Your Phone: Ensure your phone software is up-to-date for optimal performance and signal reception in your area.
  2. Aeroplane Mode Reset: This trick forces your phone to reconnect with the nearest cell tower. As a result, it potentially improve signal strength in your office.
  3. Location, Location, Location: Building materials can weaken signals. In your UK office, move closer to a window or a higher floor for a stronger connection.
  4. Declutter Your Workspace: Metal objects and thick decorations can disrupt signals. Minimise clutter, especially near windows in your UK office.
  5. Utilise Wi-Fi Calling: If your phone supports it, enable Wi-Fi calling to leverage the office Wi-Fi network for calls.
  6. App Management: Close unnecessary background apps that might be draining battery life and potentially affecting signal strength.

Advanced Options:

  1. Consider the carrier options of your current provider. Check coverage maps to see if your provider’s mobile network has reception in your office area. Switching providers might be an option.
  2. Mobile Signal Boosters: These amplify cellular signals within a designated area. However, proper installation, a reliable service provider, and regulations are important in the UK.
  3. Network Provider Coverage: Choosing a network provider with good coverage in your area is key to a strong and reliable phone signal. Providers with wider coverage areas tend to have more cell towers. Thus, your phone can connect to a stronger signal more consistently.
  4. Network Provider Technology: Newer generations like 4G and 5G offer superior signal strength. Also, improved data speeds compared to older ones like 2G or 3G. This means a provider utilising the latest technology can provide a stronger and faster connection for your phone.

Boost Your Office Mobile Connectivity!

Don’t settle for unreliable connections! Take charge and explore solutions to create a seamless mobile experience for yourself and your colleagues. Consider trying out different providers, like Telephone Technology‘s 4G and 5G data SIMs, to see if a network upgrade makes a difference. You might also be surprised by the impact of our mobile signal enhancement services. By exploring your options, you can find the perfect fit to turn your office into a mobile connectivity haven.

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