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Hosted telephony uses cloud technology, which removes the need for costly physical hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN telephone lines from phone providers; instead, a business phone system is hosted remotely and connected via the Internet. Essentially, the phone system becomes a piece of software rather than hardware.

The remote location is known as a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) and can be accessed through leased lines (lines dedicated to your business with no other external traffic) or other high-quality internet connections. It provides a flexible, reliable, and efficient way to manage your communications, and once it is installed, it can be easily managed, and additional features can easily be added to suit your needs.

What is hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony is where your phone system is housed in the cloud rather than in your office. It is ideal for small and large businesses, call centres, and customer support departments.

  • No upfront equipment purchase costs
  • Flexible communications management
  • Ultimate control from Internet-enabled devices

In comparison, a traditional phone system involves the system being based on your premises and connecting directly to an ISDN line from a provider. Hence, for all incoming calls, each member of staff typically requires a deskphone. With hosted telephony, the call can be received on a deskphone, softphone, or mobile application.

It is important to be aware that BT has stated that all ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services related to PBX systems will be switched off in 2025. Thus, hosted telephony is a natural alternative as it uses data connections to deliver calls.

How does it work?

To work as expected, this requires a private connection and an appropriate bandwidth. In telecom and computing, bandwidth is the rate or speed at which data can be sent across a network. When installing hosted telephony or any Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, bandwidth can be measured and upgraded to obtain the best performance for the system.

Such systems are best accessed through dedicated handsets connected to the Internet that offer a range of enhanced features. These IP handsets or virtual phones are recommended and chosen before installation, at which point complete training can be arranged.

Hosted telephony uses the same LAN network as office Internet and automatically connects to the IP network.

Using the same methods to pass information as the Internet, hosted telephony uses a router to communicate actions with your associated IP network. This connection is made securely over the Internet or through a dedicated connection specifically for your business.

Benefits of Hosted Telephony: 

For incoming calls, the phone will connect to the IP network, then through to the remote host. Here, the dialled number will get connected and sent through to the right department or individual.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Say goodbye to hefty upfront hardware costs and embrace affordable hosted telephony. Enjoy lower monthly fees compared to traditional systems and potentially reap significant savings on long-distance calls.
  • Effortless Setup and Use: Hosted telephony boasts quick deployment, requiring minimal IT expertise. Its user-friendly interface means you’ll be up and running in no time, ready to connect seamlessly.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Break free from physical limitations! Moreover, manage your hosted telephony system remotely, take calls anywhere with an internet connection, and empower your remote teams to collaborate effortlessly.
  • Unwavering Reliability and Security: Rest assured that your communications are secure. High-uptime data centres and disaster recovery features safeguard your data, while most solutions comply with stringent security regulations, offering peace of mind for hosted telephony users.
  • Advanced Features at Your Fingertips: Go beyond basic calling with hosted telephony. Additionally, access a wider range of features like voicemail, auto attendants, call forwarding, video conferencing, and more, enhancing communication and collaboration within your organisation.

Who Can Benefit from Hosted Telephony?

  • Small and Medium Businesses: Affordable pricing, easy setup, and scalability make hosted telephony ideal for growing businesses.
  • Large Enterprises: Enjoy cost savings, advanced features, and flexible deployment across multiple locations with this dynamic solution.
  • Remote Teams: Hosted telephony bridges the gap, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between geographically dispersed employees.

Is Hosted Telephony Right for You?

Consider your budget, communication needs, desired features, and team structure. Also, compare different providers and evaluate their hosted telephony packages to find the perfect fit for your business.

This is just a glimpse into the world of hosted telephony! So, explore the diverse options available with Telephone Technology and unleash the potential for connection, mobility, and cost-efficiency within your organisation.

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